Our Services

The comprehensive eye exam provided at our office consists of two parts to address both vision and eye health concerns.

Vision Evaluation
During this part of the examination, our doctor will carefully establish a thorough history of what your daily visual demands are. The history in conjunction with the refractive test will help our doctor determine your unique eyeglass prescription and provide recommendations of the different type of corrective lenses based on your needs.

Eye Health Evaluation
The second part of the examination is to view the external and the internal health of the eye, which may require dilating drops.Dilation will allow our doctor to have a better view of the entire internal structure of the eye to look for signs or precursors of disease such as:

At the conclusion of your examination, the doctor will review your examination and findings.


Whether you will be a previous or first time contact lens wearer, Dr. Thai and our associate doctors are experienced in and offer fittings in all the approved types of contact lenses below:

  • Breathable Contacts Lenses (Including those approved for Night and Day use)
  • Contacts Lenses for Dry Eyes
  • Contacts Lenses for Astigmatism (Toric)
  • Monovision Contact Lenses
  • Bifocal or Multifocal Contact Lenses
  • Cosmetic Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (also known as “hard” contact lenses)
  • Specialty Contact Lenses

New to Contact Lens Wear
After our doctor determines that you are a suitable candidate for contact lens wear, we will select a contact lens that is appropriate for you.Next, you will be given a “Contact Lens Training” by one of our technicians, who will give you instructions on proper handling, cleaning and care of your new contact lenses, as well as how to insert and remove them.Following contact lens training, you will return in a week for a contact lens follow-up to determine how you are doing, if a change in the contact lens powers, parameters or materials is needed, and to finalize the contact lens prescription.

Currently Wearing Contact Lenses
If you are previous wearer, we will re-evaluate the measurements of your cornea, discuss your current concerns about your contact lenses and provide your individualized contact lens options. After we fit the optimal contact lens for you, the doctor will determine if you need to return for a contact lens follow-up. Contact lens follow-ups for existing patients are needed based on changes made to the contact lens powers, parameters or materials.


Our office provides many surgical service referrals such as cataract surgery, laser corrective surgery (ex: LASIK, PRK), retinal surgery, and strabismic (eye turn) surgery. We work closely and have professional arrangements established with local surgeons.


Please call our office for an appointment today if you have an eye injury, infections from contact lense use or any eye health problems. Our doctor will examine the front surface of the eye for an infection or injury and will provide an appropriate treatment plan.